Here to Help

Time to Help is offering help and assistance to those who are unable or anxious to leave their home during this devastating pandemic period as Time to Help UK and Rumi Mosque joint action group. Time to Help is a registered local charity and a local mosque who combined their sources to provide a better service to the society.

Please do not hesitate to reach Time to Help if you need someone:

To do daily chores such as;

Picking up and delivering shopping
Mail posting
Picking up prescriptions
Or even to have a friendly chat.
Time to Help is always there to help during this time of crisis without asking anything in return. These services are completely free of charge. We will not be asking any money or donation from you. We will never ask for your bank details or to enter into your property.

If you need help please give a call on (0208 884 2737) or drop an email on ( Their trained and DBS checked volunteers are ready to help you.

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