Community Engagement Breakfast -Every Friday-

Amity community centre aims to advance community cohesion by endorsing understanding and tolerance amongst community groups. Community engagement breakfast  is one of the community projects of Amity. We have started this event and will aim to  continue it every Fridays from now on by inviting local people of different cultures, religions and social groups together to hear about and discuss an issue of general interest in a relaxed, friendly setting. Our first breakfast was held on 23 May 2014 with the attendance of  The Mayor of Redbridge Cllr Felicity Banks and community members in local. Everyone in local area are welcomed for the next breakfast (all the foods will be vegetarian).

Amity’s community engagement breakfast aims to:
  • encourage friendly intercultural interaction and community spirit in the local area,
  • get people together for a memorable day out
  • increase people’s interest and understanding of different cultures and religious backgrounds
  • bring community into contact with local stakeholders
  • bring the community together to benefit from the services provided/offered.

For more information please e-mail to

Every Friday morning at 10:00

Venue: Amity Community Centre, 1 Clarks Road IG1 1UT Ilford

(At the end of the road next to Ilford fire brigade)
Phone: 020 3605 8508 Web: 

















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