Amity Educational Foundation

Our Focus

Our unique service model focuses on education in the U.K. for all ages.

Supplementary School

We are providing tuition classes in East London and are following the national curriculum. Our core area of work is to help counter underachievement for all children by concentrating on fundamental skills such as literacy, numeracy, and creative thinking.

Mentorial Service

Amity is looking at engaging future parents with the educational system and tries to explain the significance that a parent has on their education, considering that it is the parent who possible has the best understanding of the child’s physical, social, developmental and family history.

Student Hostels

As a charity working to support education, we provide a suitable environment to students in order to help them prosper in their studies. In this service, Amity acts as a mediator to bring together like minded students in appropriate accommodation.

About Us

Amity Educational Foundation

Amity Educational Foundation is a registered charity (1133629) based in East London who’s main purpose is to provide children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to express their energy in a constructive manner. We aim to support our beneficiaries via the implementation of social and educational activities which increases confidence, vision, and aspirations with respect to the wider world. Furthermore we also like to complement cultural differences thus promote community cohesion.

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